For requests and questions with regard to the Atomic structure Simulation Lab contact

We currently provide 2 PE consultants with an atomistic simulation background and one Liaison scientist (Dr. Anselm Horn).

Other support channels:

  • Once per month we organize the HPC-Cafe where you can meet us in person.
  • For issues concerning RRZE HPC systems contact
  • For KONWIHR questions and project applications contact

We provide the following services:

Software provision

  • Explore and share optimized build settings for software packages
  • Provide software packages as modules on RRZE HPC systems


  • Give access to extensive Test cluster with variety of multi-core and accelerator architectures
  • Benchmarking of software packages
  • Give advice for selection of hardware for software packages

Software usage

  • Explore and share tips on efficient usage of software packages on RRZE HPC systems
  • Provide example batch scripts and overall workflows
  • Specific help and advice on using GCS TIER1 systems
  • Individual support for users

Software development

  • Office space and support of  KONWHIR software development projects
  • Individual support for software developers