The Central Institute for Scientific Computing (ZISC) bundles the widely scattered research activities at FAU in the cross-sectional area of scientific computing between faculties and departments in a competence center. The goal is to create a cooperation platform that strengthens many of FAU’s existing research areas and from which important new research projects can be started. The ZISC was founded from the “Engineering of Advanced Materials” (EAM) Cluster of Excellence and combines the expertise and experience of more than 40 research institutes within the university. Thus, ZISC represents a unique interdisciplinary cooperation platform that provides the necessary environment for complex research activities in the field of numerical simulation and scientific computing. Furthermore ZISC serves as a single point of contact for industry partners, which are interested to collaborate with FAU in the area of modeling and simulation.

The HPC Performance Lab and Atomic Structure Simulation Lab are competence labs within ZISC.

To contact ZISC email to zisc@fau.de.


Dr. Lukas Pflug

Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Michael Stingl

Spokesperson Managing Board

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüde

Spokesperson Managing Board

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